What widget is this?

I’ve been looking over a program a friend of mine made and I’ve come across a widget that I cannot figure out how to reproduce. I don’t have the actual program only a screenshot of which this is a part.

I refer to the “sensor” box that contains the numeric field and the button. I’m pretty sure he just used the default phab 2.01 widgets.

I don’t have much experience with phab and I was wondering if there is a way to make one of the default phab widgets look like this. I am making a program that will supplement my friends program so it is important that they look the same.


I’m fairly new to phab too, but would imagin that the control you are showing has been created by your friend, and its not a default one. It just looks like a container, with a button and a text box with the colours changed. when you create your own widget like this you can save it as a template widget, which is what they may have done.