how to write a serier ports driver?

hello everyone : to wrtie a serier ports driver? or how to hang it with io-char?
2. please send source code of 8205 to if you have
Thank you very much!

What version of QNX are you using?

Since you are in China, you should be able to ask a copy from Leadingtek:

6.1. what’s wrong?

but there( don’t supply the source free

and which function will be call if user configure the com using io-char?

I don’t have QNX 6.1 installation anymore. The 8250 DDK source code is on the QNX 6.1 full CD. If you don’t have it, you can download the CD image from … xrtp61.iso

I am attaching the source from QNX 6.2.1, hope it helps.

thank you, i will try it

can i find the kernel source code in it ?if yes where in it?

Additional source code can be obtained from QSS via some special license, for about $10,000. QNX provides kernel source only to select customers at even a high price. Check the below news article for details:

Thank you noc! you help me a lot !