compiling c++ headerfile and c program

Hello all,
i am using qnx4.25.I have c++ header file and c programs.I am using c++ header files in c programs.if i compile it is giving error with the header file.How can i compile this programs.Please help me out with this.
Thank u in advance.

C compiler can’t compile C++, so you have to use a C++ compiler. Rename your .c file .cc or .cpp.

Under QNX the C++ compiler is a separate product.

where can i get C++ compiler.If i try CC command it is giving CC not found Can i get CC anywhere in the net.advanced thanks for reply.

There is no CC, cc will detect the file is a cpp file and call the appropriate compiler. cc is a front end that calls the real compiler. For C the compiler is wcc386 and for C++ it`s wpp386.

You can find the GNU compiler at This version of the compiler is very old. You still need to use the Watcom linker though.

The watcom C++ compiler isn’t free and should be purchased from QSS.

Thank u very much for ur reply.I tried that its compiling succesfully.