Problems using DDD debugger

Hi Community !!!

I compile my little program with

gcc -g -o test test.c

so it is possible to debugg it (switch -g).

I’am using the ddd debugger with

ddd test

But manny errors are the result ( you can see it in debugg.jpg)

Why ???

Thank you

Hi Community !!

Can annybody show me how to debug a program
i.e “test.c” in QNX Neutrino ?

in QNX 4.25 I`am using Watcom Debugger and

  1. ) cc -o test test.c

  2. ) wd test

But in Qnx Neutirno???

Thank You !!!

ignore the X errors.
with the QNX gdb it doesn’t automatically continue when you run, so you need to set a breakpoint and then issue a continue to gdb.
You might also need to tell it to run first, I can’t remember if DDD does that automatically.

I try it !

Thank you cburgess

Those X Window warning/error is probably caused by bad installation of XPhoton/XFree86 and LessTif. There may be some mismatch there … Make sure your ddd, lesstif, xfree86/xphoton came from the same download place.

In the meantime, you can launch ddd, go to Edit | Preference, and Under the “General” tab, check the box “Supress X Warnings”. This should hide those messages.

Thank You cburgess and noc !!!

After reinstall the program ddd, lestif, xfree86/xphoton from the same download place,
(3rd party QNX-Public CD) it works perfect without errors.

Thanks. I used this information to make this work for me.