usage of ftp

Hi everyone:
how to build connect between two computer. of course all os is qnx!

Which QNX?

To start a ftp server on standard QNX6.3 simply start ‘inetd’ as root. this will automatically launch ftpd for an incomming connection.
On the other machine you can then connect to the ftpserver with your ftp client (e.g. console client: ‘ftp my_server’);


you can also use qnet to connect 2 computers:
run ‘mount -Tio-net’ as root start qnet once or ‘touch /etc/system/config/useqnet’ to start qnet always with booting (will work after the next reboot). Now you should have a /net directory where you can access the other mashine’s file system.
again, this is what I know from QNX6.3