Customising Phshutdown ?

Hi there,

I was “playing” with my TB486 card
tonight, porting a QNX 4,25 program to
RTP. So far so good - the final RTP
executable is 1/3 the size of the old
QNX 4.25 one! Eventually it’ll find its
way into my electric car project, managing
the battery pack.

A similar board we designed where I work
( Elan SC400 based, with C&T65545 graphics )
has some hardware to control power -

  • i.e. the board can turn off its own power
    and go into a “almost dead” mode. The user
    has to push a button to make it power up again.

Is there some way to get the regular PhShutdown
program to activate this hardware after it has
finished sending SIGPWR to all processes?
( is the source code available? )

Also, can it tell whether a Flash filesystem
and/or chip has really finished writing
( we had trouble with this on QNX4.25, the
only way around it was to poll the flash
chip’s BUSY line, to see if it was doing
something, and only turn off after 5 full
seconds of inactivity )


Richard Bebbington

Electric Mini pickup