Photon Image Label problems

Hi again,

with the new 6.2 I have the problem, that the PNG images I loaded into
my Photon labels aren’t displayed correctly anymore. They are RGB
images with an alpha channel. Under 6.1 everything worked fine.

If I load the images, all the pixels that haven’t got an alpha value
of 255 are displayed incorrectly. E.g. I have a grey arrow on
transparent background, whereas the BG with alpha 0 is displayed
black, not transparent, and the pixels with 0 < alpha < 255 are shown
in white.

BTW: I have same problem when using PgDrawImage.

I can’t find any entry in the changelog for 6.2. Has something
changed, which makes the display wrong? Have I got to use a special
option (e.g. turn alpha bleding on?)

Greetings, Sven

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