2 Things

  1. Thanx Misha for the response. 2 Days have gone by wrecking my head on
    this…good to know what it is.
    For the record:
    the crashing only happened when u went from a smaller size string to a
    larger size string.
    If I linked statically, things seemed to work
    If I linked shared to malloc_g things seemed to work as well.

    Is there a place where I could have looked this up - that this was a known
    bug with Photon?

  2. I’m not sure if this is a bug, a feature, or a result of implementation,
    but text alighment for PtText does not seem right to me. Whereas that for
    PtLabel is right.

Consider the case for RIGHT_ALIGNMENT.
I want to print out “HELLOWORLD”, but there is only enough place to display
5 character.

With PtLabel, I get what I expect “WORLD”
With PtText, I get “HELLO”

Right align works when there is enough space to display all character.