How to install QNX 4 software in a *.tar file ?

Hi Community

I’ve downloaded the mig4nto utilyty who helps me to identify areas in my programms that will need attention during the migration process. (“mig4nto.tar”).

Now I try to install the tool on QNX 4.25 but I dont know how to do this.

Please show me how to do this.

Thank You !!!

tar xvf filename.tar

Thank you noc

Yes it it unpack the files and folders inside but don`t install.
If I try to run the program it don’t works.

error is: (mig4nto not found)


mig4nto [-qsr] [-o output_directory] [file…]


Be quiet; don’t display progress information.
Be strict; allow for only those functions that are ANSI/POSIX-compatible. This option reports on all functions covered by the migration library. If you don’t specify this option, functions covered by the migration library aren’t identified.
Produce report only; don’t produce a copy of marked-up source.
-o output_directory
The directory where you want annotated source files to be written.
The pathname of a file containing a C source program or header file.

How can I run the program???

Just symlink it to the folder in the $PATH - as far as I remember - it is unpacked somewhere into the /usr/lib, not the place where the shell looks for the programs.

Thank you booBot !!!

No it don`t works I’ve try it

Inside the unpacked Directory are only c-files, header’s and
a make-files ???

Thank You

These tols are meant to run on QNX6, since they are for porting QNX4 program to QNX6.

Thank you mario !

This is the QNX4 source code anaylsis tool for porting to QNX Neutrino 6.2x.
this program (tar archive) it for Install on QNX4 host.
The archive is a QNX package containing documentation, libraries and a service to enable your QNX4 software to run under QNX Neutrino v6.2x. These tools were designed as an interrim step in your porting process. They will help you get a basic QNX4 system up and running on QNX Neutrino.

But how to do this??

What happens if you ‘make’ it (i.e. just type in ‘make’ in the unpacked dir)?
If it works out try ‘make install’ to copy the binaries to the place they belong to.

Sorry I should be more specific (thought you would get it)

tar xvf mig4nto.tar
cd mig4nto/src/utils/m/mig4nto/qnx4/x86/o
cp mig4nto /usr/bin

now you can run “mig4nto”

Thank you nok !!!

Yes this works great !!!

But you must copy the “” in the “/etc” dir.

Thank you !!