Display images on QNX6

I have a application who run on QNX 4 and I want to migrate on QNX6.
In this application I have to display an image (jpeg).
I use the “PxLoadImage” function. It’s Ok with QNX4 but in QNX 6 I have a problem :
the image is divided into 4 parts and these 4 parts are mixed like that:
initial image:
part1 part2
part3 part4

image obtained on QNX6:
part4 part3
part2 part1

does somebody have an idea?

Sorry but I don’t get this.
How is the image divided? Do you have 4 images? How do you display it / them?

Sorry … it was not easy to understand ;o)
In fact , this is 1 image , who is tiled in 4 parts :
I try to explain:
the image that I want to diplay is for example:
GREEN in the first quarter (Top-left) BlUE in the second quarter(Top-Right)
RED in the 3thquarter(Bottom-left) YELLOW in the 4thquarter(Bottom-Right)

And the image who is displaied is:
YELLOW in the first quarter (Top-left) RED in the second quarter(Top-Right)
BlUE in the 3thquarter(Bottom-left) GREEN in the 4thquarter(Bottom-Right)

So this sounds like the image is rotated by 180° right?

That would be really strange, how does the image look like using QNX 6 image viewer (just type ‘pv myimage.jpeg’).
How do you display the image? as Pt_ARG_LABEL_IMAGE of a PtLabel widget?

Perhaps you should just rotate the picture using a photo editor (I think GIMP is available for QNX 6)

Or you have a look at the PiFlipImage() function. There is also an undocumented function called PiRotateImage(), have a look into the piproto.h. (Thats from the back of my head now, the function names could actually differ a little.)