QNX 6 installation problem

Hi people,

Any expert in QNX neutrino around? I cant install it into my comp. Currently i have 3 partition…1st is C: with OS(win XP) installed, D: with some files and lastly E: empty… i was planning to install QNX onto E … but how come when i tried to install, the QNX installer oni reads 2 partition … 1 is my OS drive and 2nd is D and E combined as one…
Please kindly advise how to i go about installing qnx…


Sounds like your D: and E: are logic drives in a “extended” partition. QNX (fdisk) can only see primary or extended partitions, but not logic drives.

What you can do is backup your data from D: to C:, and then delete the logic drive D: and E:, then delete the whole extended. You can then create a new primary partition for your D: and copy the backup data from C: back to the new D: Do NOT create a E:, just leave some free space at the end of your disk. QNX installer will find the free space and create QNX partitions from there.

Good luck.

thank you for ur reply.
So after i sucessfully install QNX, will i be able to selectively boot up either WIN XP or QNX ?? is it like in the other threads i’ve read in the forum that i have to go through so much work to have multiple OS ?

sorry im a newbie in QNX

i tried the above method and i cant boat into win xp after installing QNX. Ended up reinstalling my win xp instead to get it back
is there anyway for me to have dual bootable OS?

You don’t need to reinstall win xp.

The QNX boot loader allows you to boot into other partitions. During QNX boot up, you should see

Boot Partition x ? x

x = the partition number of your QNX. In your case, it should be 2.
At that point, you have a second or two to type in another partition number you want to boot. Since your Win XP is on partition number 1, you can type 1 and it will boot into win xp.

i cant… it can oni boot into partition 3 which is the qnx partition…

During QNX installation you were asks whether you want to install the qnx bootloader or not. What did you choose?

What does the bootloader say (or is there any bootloader at all)?

If there is no bootloader you can use the fdisk utility to write the QNX loader to your hd.

during the installation i choose to install qnx bootloader…thinking tat i can boot into either xp or qnx…
but after installation, there is a choice for me to choose 1,2,3 but no matter wat i press i oni can boot into 3, which is the qnx partition.

I hava other problem. if my disk hava 2 primary partition ,2 logic partiton and some free space can i do like that?

Do you have told the installer to delete your WinXP partition?

i din… i merely install the qnx boot loader

I understood that by now you have a computer with a trashed WIN XP ?
very well, I suggest you re-install your WIN XP, leave any additional software alone, so that we can start with a vanilla scenario.
if you have a little patience (waiting time, as I sit on my computer in the evening only) I can guide you installing two or three OSs with boot capability on your computer.
after we’re finished, you will see that in fact you didn’t have “to go through so much work” at all.
Regards Helge

If the free space is inside the extended partition, the answer is NO.
Otherwise, you will be ok.

oh definitely… im actually testing tis out on my desktop… the actual installation is on my new laptop tats coming in afew days time…
so … how should i go abt it? i have a working win xp system now with 2 partition… 1 primary and 1 logical extended…

  • at first, delete the extended partition from within xp, or …

  • boot your computer with the cd-rom, with the option of running qnx from the cd

  • from the shelf (popping up from the desktop when the cursor reaches the right edge of the screen) select “Terminal” and start “fdisk /dev/hd0” with ENTER from it

  • move the pointer to the line with the ‘extended’ partition and delete it with the “Delete” command - just press the “d”

  • in one of the now free three lines create (with the “Change” command) a new (dos) extended partition, type is 15. why this ? because some day you might wish to exchange files from xp to qnx, and both can read the extended partition, but qnx cannot read the xp ntfs filesystem. neither can xp read the qnx partition, as far as i know.

  • this extended, type 15 partition, make it large enough to hold all the files that both xp and qnx will share, but small enough to leave room for the qnx installation.

  • if the xp partition is already working properly, keep your paws off it !

  • changes will take effect only if you save or quit, feel free to delete partitions or change sizes to your needs until you’re satisfied

  • leave fdisk with the “Save” and “Quit” commands

  • then shut off your computer and boot it again from the cd-rom, now with the option of installing qnx

  • follow the instructions; let the new qnx installation consume all the space left on your harddisk, or only part of it (this might be interesting if you wish to install a third bootable os one day)

  • choose to replace the existing bootloader with qnx’s bootloader

  • shutdown your computer and start it again without the cd-rom in it’s drive

  • mind : the qnx bootloader, while asking you where to boot from, gives you two seconds only for your choice; you can stretch this to a few seconds more with some tricks, or you can install a more covenient bootloader like “xfdisk” later on

  • once you started qnx (from the harddisk, hopefully this time) again, you may use “fdisk” again to make qnx your favourite booting partition; you will be quite familiar with this self-explanatory tool now

  • again : as long as you leave the xp partition alone, there is actually nothing you can do wrong

  • if your computer still fails to boot qnx, post the messages from the screen

  • keep your qnx cd-rom handy; you can delete or check partitions from qnx easier than from xp

  • when you start “File Manager” from the shelf, or “pfm” from the terminal, you will not see the xp ntfs partition, but the (dos) “extended” partition under “/fs/hd0-dos”; you could keep your mp3 files there, so that you may be able to listen to your favourite tune while working in qnx or xp

prenez courage !