Animatics Smart Motor

Hi qnx gurus,

Anyone have experience programming animatics smart motor using QNX?
I couldnt find any support in the official website because they only offered help for their GUI which comes with the hardware which is windows based. I need to write the program in QNX. Any gurus got any advise for me? Any technical article for me to read from??

thanks alot!!

What are anymatics motor? If it’s what I beleive it is, then it’s not specific enough, there could be lots of way these type of motor could be controled.

First you need to make sure you can have the specification for interfacing with the hardware, some company will keep this private, that should be your first goad. Then once you have that info, come back here ;-)

they publish the specification though :

Do you think its possible for me to have the specification for interfacing from the company itself?

There is already a good deal of info, what ever could be missing I get the impression the company would be willing to give the info. Since the interface is done via a serial port, there shouldn`t be any intellectual property issue.

Since the interface is via serial port writting a program to interface with the device should be real simple.

thanks alot man i roughly noe wats happening finally…

I will use the Animatics motors with QNX, too in an upcoming project.
Start playing around with them using their Windows demo programm.
The documents including their ascii commands are found on their internetsite. They are free.
When you are able to control the motor via their terminal, you can start using the motor with QNX using simple serial communication with the same commands you learned. In this way you can control the motors “online”.

At the moment I don’t know whether you can download sequences into the motors without their windows program.

Special care has to be taken when starting communication because it is a daisy chained serial line, using one motor out connected to the next motor in
and so and the last motor out is going to your PC serial In.


i didnt use the windows program that came along. I send ascii commands by using c programing. How do you use qnx with the windows program?