xdvi problem

Hello all,

I’ve installed t1fonts, X for photon, and teTex, and I’ve managed to compile
xdvi. However, I find the text appears very blurred in the default (reduced
to 13%) view. In the magnified (or 100%) view the fonts are fine. It seems
to be a greyscale aliasing problem, since the text becomes clearer, but
rather grainy, if I turn greyscaling off. Adjusting gamma, density, and
using postscript rendering, do not help.

I’ve seen other posts on the issue (for Linux) report that it is caused by
the greyscale palette being spoiled by other running applications, or the
wrong colour depth setting. I’ve tried compensating for all these
possibilities, but the problem remains.

Can anyone suggest any ways I could resolve this?


Neil Carter
Technician, Psychology Department
University of Wales Swansea, UK