Setting resourcess in PtCompound widget - help

Hi all,
I want to create a Compound widget, that sets resourcess to itself, and all
children widgets.
On first look PtCompound will do all the work for me, if I subclass my
widget from it.
But I want to implement full transparency of setting resourcess, and
PtCompount do not dispatch resourcess that is registered as its own. The
resourcess that manages colors for example is received by PtCompound and not
to it’s childrens.
I’ve tryed to override setresources function, but I can’t get prevision
pointer, because this parameter cannot be set after creation of a widget. It
works only if you pass function pointer with initial resourcess when you
creating a widget.
I need that pointer to dispatch resourcess in their standart way, after
dispatching the resourcess to my children widgets.
Also I’m afraid that if I pass all events to childern widgets, resize and
move operation on parent will rearange also childrens :frowning:

Is it some standart function that I can call, instead of saving prevision
The code of PtCompound will be a good example, but I don’t have it :frowning:
Any other sugesstion?

Best Regards
Filip Dimitrov