qnxzone website?

Hi all,

Does anyone have an e-mail address for the site admin of qnxzone.com?
I tried to create an account but never received a password, and when I try
to get it mailed again, I get a message ‘Cannot send e-mail, please contact site admin’. Nice, but who’s the admin and what’s his e-mail address - webmaster@qnxzone.com is non-existent…


you can contact camz at camz@passageway.com

but, I just tried and it emailed me fine. maybe your email address is no good, try something else, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

also, when I am at qnxzone.com , I can already see your name under the “Who’s new” on the left bottom screen. Does that you already got it work?

That’s the weir part: I am listed, but I can’t login, and I can’t get e-mail send… thanks for the e-mail address anyway.

ok, I just ssh into the qnxzone and saw the error:

sh: sendmail: not found

apparently something has changed and sendmail is no longer in the default path.

so I changed the config to use the full path of sendmail and now it should work.

You can go to qnxzone again and “click email me my password.”. Let me know how it works.

I got my password - no clue whether from you or from camz, but the subject
of the mail was’ replacement password’.

Thanks again…