Problem on photon login in QNX v6.3


Yeterday I installed QNX SP1 v6.3. Now I find I only can login as root from Photon login. I can’t login as a normal user from Photon login window any more, but I can login using this account by telnet.

It looks like the problem of some configuration files permisson?! Who knows more?

Thanks in advance!


I suggest you login as root,

touch /etc/system/config/nophoton
and then reboot into text mode.

You can then login as normal user to run “ph” to start Photon manually. This way, you will see the text messages on the console when photon fails to start. That will help you troubleshoot.


I enable the text mode and log in the system. There is no any problem. Then launch the command ph, get the following error message:
- Could not find library
- Could not find library

I check the system and find all these library files in /usr/lib. The
access permission of these two files is 711. I changed them to 755, and run ph again. I got a black screen. Fortunately I can see the popup by clicking right mouse button, so I can shutdown the system. :slight_smile:.

I am wondering there are other files modified by the SP1 installation. I can’t find them one by one, so I may have to reinstall QNX v6.3 again.

How about SP1, install it or not???