A simple question

I’m just now starting to use QNX. And I know a little about Linux before. The problem is I want to use a USB mass storage device but I don’t know it’s dev name, who can tell me thanks! My QNX is QNX 4.25…

qnx 4.xx does not support USB.
alternatively, you may use :

  • an EIDE-zip-drive (supported, as far as i know, was topic in this forum a year ago)
  • a parallel zip-drive (no driver shipped with the original os, third party drivers available, but not free of charge
    regards Helge

This is not strictly true… There is a current beta for USB support in QNX 4.25. We have used it with success using USB memory keys as mass storage

sorry for that !
the “no” was the information I got last time I asked my local qnx software developer.
regards Helge