Install QNX6.2.1 to a 2.5" laptop HD

Hi guys,

I wanna install QNX6.2.1 to a National Instrument’s PXI-8187 controller, which has a 2.5" HD. This HD is pre-installed a WinXP. I re-allocate the room on this HD with PartitionMagic. Before I install QNX, there is 15GB unallocated empty room in the HD.

Firstly, I inserted the HD to my laptop. Unfortunately, I got such error report during the installation:

DINIT: can’t open drive ‘dev/hd0t79’: No such file or dirctory
/qnxbase/safe-config/x86/bin/dinit -hq /dev/hd0t79: failed (12292 256)
Partition installation aborted!

Then, I tried to install it in a PC. I use a 2.5"HD/IDE adapter to insert the HD in a PC IDE slot. However, during and after installation, the system always reported that it found both /dev/hd0 and /dev/hd1. (in fact, there is only the 2.5" HD in the system, no other HD.) The QNx files are copied and the installation looks successful. But everytime rebooted, the system always asked me which HD (/dev/hd0 or /dev/hd1) to boot from. It’s very weird and inconvinient.

Can anybody what’s the reason to the above 2 installation problem? Thank you!



I found the second problem disappeard, when I re-inserted the 2.5" HD to the PXI 8187 controller. There is no prompt from the system to ask which device to boot from. Everything seems OK!

Does anybody know what caused the first problem?