A problem about Photon Lauch menu in QNX v6.3

I just installed QNX v6.30. And I also installed some third-party tools as the root. I find a problem when I create a normal user account.
After login as this user, I notice the Photon Launch menu has been changed little bit. It doesn’t include all items that the root has.

I’ve copied the /root/.ph directory to ./home/auser/.ph, and changed all the group and userid of this directory. The Shelf setting and Desktop Menu setting can be kept same as the root’s. But the setting of Launch menu is still not same as the root’s.

Looking through the directory /.ph and usr/photon, I can’t find the relavent configuration file to Luanch menu.

Where can i find this configuration file? How to change it?

Not exactly ‘one’ configuration file, it’s a whole directory:
/etc/photon/launchmenu (for all users)
$HOME/.ph/launchmenu (optional, for a single user)

Look in the help docs at
QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.3 → User’s Guide → Using the Photon microGUI → Modifying the Launch Menu


I found the difference between those ‘tgt’ files under /etc/photon/launchmenu and the original items. I changed the mode of those ‘hidden’ items, then they pop up!