Can't delete files - "No space left on device" !

Installed 6.2.1A on a 64MB Flash card. The installation appeared to be successful. The card boots, no problems are evident. Network appears functional. But df says the filesystem is 100% full. I want to delete photon because I’m not going to use it. I can’t delete anything. I get an error when I unlink or rmdir “No space on specified device” or something close to that. I am able to create a few empty directories before that also stops working. Why can’t I delete anything and what can I do abot it?


Bill N.
Cincinnati, OH USA

QNX 6.2.x uses package file system. You probably can’t do a simple “rm” to delete packages.

Check this article: … 920_1.html

What do you mean you ‘installed QNX on a 64MB Flash card’? Did you use the CD installation? This is only for development/desktop use. You should create an own build file, build a boot image etc., and only include the files you need. Or you can obtain the new QNX runtime CD. AFAIK it offers a component based install and you can choose not to install Photon!