ANSI C++ library

I’ve heard (from a qnx salesman and on the website) that Dinkumware (or is it QNX?) are porting Dinkumware’s Standard C++ library to QNX. I’ve got a couple of questions:

When exactly will it be ready?
Will it include the Dinkumware C99 runtime library (potentially useful for debugging since source code is included, I believe)?

I’ve got stlport (from to compile and link as an alternative (and it seems to mostly work), but I’d prefer a supported and fully working alternative.

Which reminds me, in what library file are the stdlib.h functions ecvt and fcvt defined? They don’t seem to be in libc or libgcc. Finding out would help me improve my stlport port. Is there an easy way to search all libraries in a directory for a symbol?