problems with mo-drive + QNX4.25

I’m having problems with my MO-drive, a Fujitsu MCR3230AP.

When I try to mount the drive with

mount -p /dev/mo0 /dev/mo0t77/ /mo

an error message comes up:

mount -p: cannot mount partition 77 (04dh) on /dev/mo0 error No space left on device disk /dev/mo0/ has 1241480 sectors

the Mo-Disk is formatted and works on other QNX4.25-Computers where i can mount it with the same parameters.

/dev/mo0 exists.

The mo-Drive works properly on win98 wich is installed on an other partition.

Any ideas???

Maybe the following thread relates to your problem?

Hmm, no. I tried but the problem is still the same…

I solved the problem. Well, to be honest, I solved it by accident.

The Fsys was the right point to search, but not the -H option.

Obviously, the mo doesent work with newer Version of Fsys. After using an older Boot-Image on the same Installation, it suddenly works. I’d better dont ask why…

TNX anyway.