how can I configure my Mouse in QNX?

I’m a new user here in Brazil, and I install the QNX OS yesterday…but my mouse( generic serial with well(center roler bol)) don’t work correctily. It move in horizontal direction but not at vertical direction. I test it in windows XP and didn’t have problems.

How can I configure the mouse in this QNX OS?

PLease, some one, help me…
Thanks away…


I guess you already found the GUI mouse setup tool ‘input-cfg’ and it didn’t help…

The mouse driver (probably devi-hirun) is started from ‘ph’ script (/usr/bin/ph), using the ‘inputtrap start’ command.

so you should have a look at ‘intputtrap’, ‘devi-hirun’ or ‘devi-hid’.

Perhaps you have to modify ph to start mouse driver manually.