linux admin needs QNX crash course

hey everyone. thanks in advance for your time.

i’ve just recently been given a project which involves a QNX machine. i need to write some utilities in perl for it.

i’ve downloaded the perl .qpr file from the repository, but i don’t know what to do with it. the faq on this site assumes you are already familiar with QNX’s installer utilities. can someone point me in the right direction?

also, how do i determine the version of QNX it’s running? this was the output from ‘uname -a’:

QNX 1 L 425 PCI 32

thanks again


i typically run in a console, but i am familiar with running photon if the proper tools are located there.

So you are running QNX 4.25 on machine with node-ID 1

I am not familiar with QNX 4 but make sure to get a Perl for QNX 4.25, not for 6.21 or 6.3.

Anyone else can explain how to install package in QNX 4.25?

The version is QNX 4.25 that the old version which is not compatible with QNX6. The qpr file you downloaded is meant for QNX6.

I do have a version of perl for QNX4.25 (maybe it’s available somewhere else don’t know). Drop me a pm with your info.

You are running QNX 4 and the
.qpr/repository is concept for QNX 6.
It won’t work.

You can download the QNX 4 perl binaries from … bin.tar.gz
you can simply untar it on your system and it will install under /usr/local

thank you all for the quick replies. i will try installing that binary for QNX 4.