about hardware interruput

hello everyone :
my os is qnx6.1,why i can only test hardware interruput frequency from 0 to 15kHZ ? as far as i know the maximal value is very very bigger
than this

thank you your answer!

What do you mean by “only test hardware interrupt frequency from 0 to 15Hz???”. What are you trying to acheive?

sorry! i mean that my isr only run when the hardware interrupt frequency from 0 hz to 15 khz. i don’t know if i explain it clearly.
thank you

You mean when you generate more hardware interrupts, then… what? The system loses interrupts? Freezes? Why QNX 6.1 - download 6.3 from the QNX site - it even still works after the 30 day license times out. And of course interrupt service frequency depends on the hardware (CPU speed) and what else is going on in the system.

thanl you! i have find the reason, my hardvare can’t receive more!