Hello Again(~)

i see that many of you have read my earlier post about the request for information on how to obtain a workable version of Fortran 77/95 for QNX. i also see that no one has given a response.

Honestly, i know that there has to be someone out there who knows the answer to this simple request.

noc, you were the one who attempted to help another individual earlier, as i saw in the archives. Something has changed, and the patch software as you directed that person to is no longer available. Do you know of somewhere to get Fortran? i have tried both Open Watcom, and a GNU package, but neither contain any compatibility to QNX that i can see. Do you have any helpful suggestions?

If I were you, I would probably go with “f2c” program…

You are right that the download link is broken, but you can find the QNX gcc source at cvs.qnx.com Look into the tools module …

This has been discussed before and Colin has also posted the gcc QNX source patch:


Once you get the QNX patched gcc, you can compile your own g77, the following link will be helpful:


Good luck!


Would anyone be kind enough to tell me where i can locate this ‘f2c’ program?

i realize it is just a program that converts Fortran code to C/C++ code, but i have never used it before… i’ve always used the actual compilers.



Thank-you very much.