Updating a 6.0 box with 6.1 bins

Is it possible to run 6.1 compiled binaries (using the Dinkumware
libraries) on a 6.0 install? Is it sufficient to install the
newer versions of all libraries used (such as libc.so) to /lib?

For example, if a binary uses only libc, libstdc++, libsocket
and libm, is installing:

libc.so.2, libcpp.so.2, libm.so.2, libsocket.so.2

into /lib sufficient for the 6.1 compiled binaries to work? The
old libraries will still be there for other binaries to use.

The answer “yes” will make me happy, since it allows me to do
compilation for quick customer bug fixes on my development PC -
otherwise I’ll have to find a spare PC to install 6.0 and all
the necessary development kit on.