Windows-Host SDK 2.11 and dinit with Compact Flash

Hi all!,

Trying to dinit a compact flash card with dinit.

c:> dinit -f excal.ifs e:

e: is the compact flash reader on a Windows 98 PC. the compact flash reader
is USB, presently Windows sees it as a normal hard-drive. When I try to
dinit it I get the following error.

“Old disk Utility Write Error” - You are using a disk utility designed for
an older versiob of MS-DOS or Windows. Your files may be damaged if the
utility writes to the disk. To run it, but prevent it from writing to your
disk, click YES. To stop the utility, click NO.

c:>DINIT: Write failed - block 1

I am using the Windows-Host SDK 2.11. There is no issues with dinit when
writing to a floppy drive.
I am trying to create a boot Compact Flash disk for a SBC.

Thanks for your Help

Stephane Grenier