zero byte executable file size when compiling with qcc/armle

I have a simple question, the answer may be a bit more involved.

I have built an application on QNX 6.0 using “qcc -Vgcc_ntoarmle”
the libraries build just fine, the application builds a ‘.o’ file with out
a problem. But after it links the appl, it creates a file of 0(zero)

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks in advance for help…



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I’m assuming that you are using one of the early experimental drops,
since armle support wasn’t in the official 6.0 release.

The 0 file size probably means that ld is crashing. Are you compiling
with debug? There was a bug in the 2.10 linker that caused it to
crash when dealing with undefined symbols when using dwarf-1 debug info.

I would recommend updating to the 6.1.0 for arm, its a lot more solid.