Workspace 0.4B

No major changes, only 2 weeks of debugging.


  • In Active Ctags, added double click on a filename to open it.
  • Phindows compatible. ( may need -H for display refresh ( problem
    between phrelay and PtOsContainer ))
  • RTP 6.2 compatible.
  • Fix the Close button on the Gdb Interface toolbar.
  • In Active Ctags, fix bug where the first tag ( alphabetic order )
    would always be a the end of a tag type list.
  • Fix Ctrl-Shift-S hotkey for Save All in the Editor ( was only saving
    the current file ).
  • Fix key event for using Workspace thru phindows
  • Added Managing of closing event from the Photon Window Manager.
  • Eliminated zombie left by openning and closing Terminals ( the shell
    was going zombie ).
  • Change the Undo/Redo buffer size from a 100 to a 150 entries in the
  • Save/Load Filename display format ( Editor and Viewer ).
  • Added frame number in the Gdb Backtrace dialog.
  • Fix Redo of replacing selection with the clipboard in the Editor.
  • Fix Redo of replacing selection with one caractere in the Editor.
  • Fix bug on deleting selection of multiple lines, when selection offset
    on the last line was 0.
  • Ctags updating on saving file, now works.
  • Fix bug in Editor search ( once ) with wrapping option when the only
    results is on the current line.
  • Fix bug where results from the current file would appear twice in the
    result list when doing a search directory in the editor.
  • Highlighting is reset on Gdb Stepping and trying to open an already
    openned file.
  • Every Gdb commands give focus to the Gdb Terminal when done.
  • Added ESC hotkey on Gdb Backtrace dialog to close it.
  • When a Editor file is open, focus always goes to the editing window.

Michel Belanger