need gd.h to compile my program

I have a linux application that mesures the latency times on linux and then put the results on a *.png File. I want to run this application on QNX too!! I just tryed to compile it on QNX without any changes… but I got the following error:

$ can not find /usr/include/gd.h

Is ist possible to install this library on QNX and then to run my program without any error?
You can find my programm in the following link:
and testlatency.


gd.h is from GIF draw library ?

Looks like that library:

yes!! Also for png and jpeg librarys.

Why are you so keen on measuring the latency? I think QNX has done measurements and published them. Look at the QNX Download Center, Resources. There is a link called ‘Benchmarks’.