slimulating button press

Hey all,

O just installed QNX and I’ve been experimenting with the dev tools.

So, my little programming problem with Phab.

I put 3 button widgets in a group. Then, on realization of the main widget,
I turn on one of the buttons. From then on in, the default workings of the
button work fine. Basically, I need a radio buttons as in MFC.

Now, I did see OnOffButton, but for some reason, it was very difficult to
size it. I don’t know why, Phab was not cooperating with me. Since I’m
using a grid touchscreen, the widgets need to be an exact size. Regardless,
how do I tell the button that it should act like someone pressed it. My
assumption is to send it a Pt_ARM notification. But I could not find out
exactly what to put in from the documenation. Maybe I just got lost in it.

Thanx for any response.