Message with MsgReceivePulse()

Hi Community !!!

How can I send a Text Message from a Server to a Client with
MsgReceivePulse() Function in Client using MsgDeliverEvent in Server?

Thank You

You cannot. Well I guess if you can compress the text message into 32 bits then it’s possible ;-)

Thank you mario !!!

But Pulse-messages only accept’s integer so I have to use atoi and itoa ???

Thank you !!

It depends, if text message is only made up of number and don’t go over 4 billions yes you can use these functions. If not then you break the string into 4 set of bytes that you stuff into an unsigned int.

data = string[0];
data |= (string[1] << 8 );
data |= (string[2] << 16 );
data |= (string[3] << 24 );