Adjusting include path

Hi All,

Is there some way I can add a specific directory to the path searched by
gcc/qcc for include (*.h) files?

I do not want to use an alias such as “qcc=qcc -I …” in my profile.

I have looked at the files in /etc/config/qcc/ but the only mention of
include directories there refers to the architecture-specific directory, and
seems (judging from the variable name) to apply to c++ only. I tried “export
INCLUDE=…” in my profile, but that doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Ooh, by the way, am I going nuts, or has the patch A for QNX 6.1 vanished
from QNX’s web repository? If so, does anybody know why?


Neil Carter
Technician, Psychology Department
University of Wales Swansea, UK