Source level debugging under the IDE

Hello all,

I would appreciate some pointers to resolve the following:

I am using the IDE to locally develop (under QNX) and debug remotely. I
am able to load my executables via the IDE and perform various debug
functions, etc. ALAS, what I am unable to do is get the IDE to load up
my source so that I can perform source level debugging - all I get is
the disassembly listing! It seems that the IDE does not know where my
source files are. Though I have set the directories to search in

Note: the project was not created using the IDE wizard. The project
layout is a Makefile which is used to checkout various modules and then
peform a build (the -g option is specified for the debug version). When
browsing the generated excutables the icon next to the executable does
imply that it is a debug version. I did create a hello world project
using the IDE and I am able to remotely source level debug that! I am
hoping that the IDE does not insist on a particular directiry layout!

Any thoughts.