Distribute your QNX RTP application on Tucows!

If you’re writing or porting an application for the QNX
realtime platform (RTP), here’s your chance to distribute it
to the worldwide community of RTP users.

Starting immediately, Tucows – the largest distributor of
software on the Internet – is taking submissions for their
new library of QNX RTP software.

Once the library is up and running, all RTP applications
accepted by Tucows will be distributed across the Tucows
network, which totals over 4000 service providers worldwide.

Just imagine… once your software is accepted, it will
be immediately accessible to every RTP user and developer.
There’s no better way to target the fast-growing QNX RTP
community – over 300,000 downloads at last count!

What kind of software can you submit?

You can submit freeware, shareware, adware, demoware,
and so on. Tucows can also provide an e-commerce solution
if you’d like to distribute a commercial version of your

Submitting is easy

To submit your application, visit the Tucows submit
center at http://submit.tucows.com, click on QNX, and fill
in the information requested.

Within days, Tucows will review your submission and
inform you whether it has been accepted.

Get in on the ground floor

The fact that Tucows is already building a QNX library –
just weeks after the RTP launch – is a testament to how
quickly the QNX realtime platform is gaining momentum. Now’s
the time to establish your application as a standard among
RTP users. So submit as soon as possible!

The best of luck with your submission and thanks again
for choosing the QNX realtime platform.