webcam and wifi card advice

hi everyone

I planned to buy some hardware and I wonder if someone has ever try it.

I’d like to buy the Creative Labs Webcam 5. I saw on that drivers exist for it. has anyone ever tried it ? Does it work well ?

I’d like to know what you think about the MSI PC54G PCI Adapter, the wifi card. I saw on the web that drivers exist for linux on but I don’t know if it works for QNX.

thanks you all !!


Web cam and QNX6 don’t go well together ;-)

As for the wifi card if it’s based on prism chipset it “should” work…

The driver from works not to bad … I’m using it with a Philips webcam … it’s not as fast as it could be but it’s not too bad.

The driver on are only in demo. Does anyone know where I could fond them in it full version ?

thank you


give me your email, I will send you a drop of devu-8115 for x86 QNX630


I let you several private messages but you didn’t answer me …
my email is

thanks a lot