bzip2 porting

Sorry this news has also been posted to qdn.public.porting.

Hi everyone!

For those who might need it, bzip2 (you know those “zipped” files with that
bz2 extention), is available for NTO.
(bzipped files are 10 to 30% more compressed than gzipped ones, according to

As a matter of fact it is not really ported, as it doesn’t need to. All you
need is to download the sources (gzipped! :astonished:) ), “targunzip” them and make
the thing. After that everything works fine (as far as the tests I’ve done
are complete).

I don’t know where to put the binaries I got, if anyone knows…

Finally, the URL to get access to the sources :

I got in touch with Julian Seward (the author), he is pleased that his
software is portable, and asked me to make it available to the QNX
community! That’s done!