PhAster v1.0a (Photon Napster Client)


After PhIRC the Photon IRC client @
that helps the QNX community to grow by chatting in realtime,
and PhICQ the Photon ICQ client @
that helps the QNX community to keep in touch and windows users to switch
smoothly to QNX.

Iā€™m pleased to announce the availability of the next application:
PhAster the Photon Napster client.
that helps the QNX community to hog all the office bandwith hunting for
music :slight_smile:

Current Features:
ā€¦ Napster/Opennap support.
ā€¦ SOCKS 4/5.
ā€¦ New user creation.
ā€¦ Server List. (>300 servers)
ā€¦ Search.
ā€¦ Transfer. (With Resume and Auto-resume)
ā€¦ Library.
ā€¦ Sounds.
ā€¦ Status Command. (/server,/redir,/quit,/msg,/ping,/raw)

Next Versions will include:
ā€¦ Id3 support.
ā€¦ Built-in mp3 player.
ā€¦ Browse user list.
ā€¦ Hotlist.
ā€¦ Share files.
ā€¦ Chat.

Get it from the homepage :

Enjoy ! :slight_smile: