V-Mail worries

New user warning :slight_smile:
Just started using v-mail for reading the newsgroups here, but running into one slight pain…
When i try and read ANY message from qdn.public.ddk.usb i get a lovely error message “Out of free storage”. The dialog has a title of “Error - Host [inn.qnx.com]”

I originally was able to read the first few, but then this has started, and it now does it for any message in any thread of that group.

Any of the other groups work fine. Related questions that prolly doesn’t belong here, but i tried to find out how much free space i had left, “df”, but it doesn’t seem to report anything about the “/” filesystem? I then set the “News related files” path to ‘/fs/hd2-dos/temp/’ under the config in the thought that it would use that for temp storage?

I am from a Windoze background, yes scoff as u will, so another question would be, is there another graphical newsreader available on QNX… i presumed Tin was text?

Help pleeeese!