PtMenu Toggle

Hi all.

There is an option when creating your menus to set an item as a toggle style item. Anyone know how to get/set the value of the toggle (ie set or unset)


See the “Initializing menus” section in the Working with Code chapter of the Photon Programmer’s Guide.

Ok I found that page, but to be honest im still none the wiser!

I don’t understand how you use it, don’t understand why they didn’t use the same PtSerResource command!

This is my menu layout:

->Item3 ----->Subitem1 (this is my toggle button)

Assuming this naming convention what do i put into the ApModifyItemState?

Do I do something like:

ApModifyItemState (ABN_MyMenuButton, AB_ITEM_SET, ABN_Subitem1, NULL);

Any tips?