Voyager problem

Hi everyone,
I just downloaded and burned the 6.1.0 QNX CD image.
I deleted the partitions from a 30GB IDE drive.
QNX installed just fine and, on booting into it, I was delighted with the desktop environment :slight_smile:)

There is one impediment, though.
Voyager fails to display its window contents.
This applies to html files on the drive and those from the net.
Frustratingly, it also applies to the help files.
The tool bars are present and work.
Fetching html from URLS works fine - I can see the cable modem activity lights flashing joyously.

But the contents are never shown.
Dragging the window around just adds to the mess where the contents should be.

Has this happened to anybody else?
Is there a fix?

Here is my kit:-
Duron 700mhz
Gigabyte GA-71XE4 200mhz socket A mainboard
512mb DDRAM
GeForce 2 display card
Ricoh 9060 CD/RW/DVD
Realtek RTL8139 ethernet card (100mb/s)
20inch monitor :slight_smile:
3 x IDE hard drives

I am forced to use BeOS or Windows to put this question - what a shame!

Julian :slight_smile: