Voyager problem - partial solution :-(

I was pointed to the QNXSTART website where I found this:-

I have a 64MB Geforce 2 Ultra card. I selected the 'tnt' driver display,
which initially worked fine until I wanted to use Voyager and the help
system. The text failed to show up in any of these, but moving the
mouse, one could see the links flash up as I moved over the mouse.
There is no text at all in the help system.
All these were cured when I switched to the vesa driver, but it was a lot
slower. Is there a specific Geforce 2 driver that could be used?

The tnt driver is the only driver for geforce cards, and the problem
relates to vserver (which is used by voyager) using a PtOSContainer
widget which doesn't work with some cards and the tnt driver.

A workaround is to patch vserver (and vserver.file for helpviewer) with

spatch /usr/photon/bin/vserver

type f (Find)
type in the search string, if it's ascii you put a space between each letter,
so you'd type

P t O S C o n t a i n e r

then type e for edit, press tab so the cursor is over on the right, type
PtContainer, tab again, type 0000 (4 zeroes) which will remove the two
leftover letters.

Then press escape, save it and you're done.

Well I did all that and, sure enough, the contents appeared.
But - only until you click anywhere in the contents, on a scroll bar or
press an arrow key, at which point the contents are instantly replaced
with the desktop background colour.

Do any of you have suggestions for further adjustments?

Julian :slight_smile: