[ANN] New release of Phumb Browser & KiPhoton


October 1st,2001

Kirilla would like to ANNOUNCE the simultaneous release
of :

  • KiPhoton 0.0.5
  • Phumb Browser 0.2

for QNX RTP 6.1

  • KiPhoton is a powerfull C++ layer for Photon, still under
    development. It is used by the two applications : PhCam
    and Phumb Browser. This release is the second official
    release of KiPhoton and this version is compatible with
    the current version of PhCam.

  • Phumb Browser is an experimental version of an image
    browser under development. (Require KiPhoton)

KiPhoton is available as QNX Packages (QPR), and
Phumb Browser is only available as a zip file.

If you have a previous version of KiPhoton, uninstall it
before installing the new one with pkg-installer.

Packages, zip file and information (and screenshots) are
available at http://www.kirilla.com

Jean-Louis Villecroze jlv@kirilla.com

Kirilla http://www.kirilla.com