how to combine a efs file with a ifs file?

Hello, I need combine a efs file with a ifs file.

Can anybody help me, please?

Here’s what the Building Embedded Systems guide says:

    The mkimage utility combines multiple input image files into a single 
output image file. It recognizes which of the image files contains the 
boot image and will place this image at the start. Note that instead of 
using mkimage, some developers rely on a flash programmer to burn the 
separate images with appropriate alignment. 
For example: 

mkimage nto.ifs fs.ifs > flash.ifs

will take the nto.ifs and fs.ifs image files and output them to the 
flash.ifs file. 

If you want more control over how the image files are combined, you can 
use other utilities, such as: 
  • cat
  • dd
  • mkrec
  • objcopy

But when I typed the raw “mkimage” under QNX6.3.0,the terminal said “mkimage:/bin/sh not found”.And I could not find it anywhere.Why?

IF mkimage isn’t working (because it’s not there, etc.) you can use the following method.

  1. build the IFS
  2. build the EFS
  3. pad the IFS out to a EFS block_size.
    3a. Create file equal to the block_size of flash, fill the file with 1s
    3b. dd if=<file full of 1s> of=junk.pad bs=1 count= to create a new file of exactly the right size, to bring the IFS to a multiple of flash block_size.
  4. cat the 3 files (IFS, padding, EFS) together to create one large file. This file is then burned to the flash on the board.

The important bit to remember is that the EFS has to start on a block boundary, which is the reason for padding out the IFS.

Thank you for your help.
But I’m not sure what the word “1s” mean.Could you tell me more?Is there any example?

I meant to fill the file with all 1 bits, like 0xFF. This matches the erased state of NOR flash, and is the same value that mkimage uses to pad out the IFS.