modem initialization, changes take no place

Hello, (QNX RTP 6.1.0)

I’m trying to use an very old analog external modem on /dev/ser1 to dial


Qtalk can communicate and bring the modem to dialin succesfully.

With the application dialer no dialin will succeed, because of wrong
initialization string. If I edit the communcation modem initialization
string using phlip for example from ATZ to ATM1 or anything other, the
terminal shows while the new connect always the old command ATZ again.
Why not the new string? I checked the following: The new string is
definitely written in the
dialup configuration textfile.

It seems, the dialer won’t look for that string that is placed there?

Any ideas?
Any hints what I can do to check the reason?

A friendly answer from qnx: (from another forum, where I placed this
problem first)

When you say phlip, I assume you mean phdial (since this is a QNX4
If you mean QNX6, then you should post in the apps newsgroup for RTP.
[thanks rs]

That behaviour is strange, because my works correctly. Modifications
as shown by the terminal window. Perhaps you can post a sin ver - maybe
update will be in order.

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