SOAP framework for QNX4

Can anyone point me in the direction of a SOAP framework for QNX4?

I am new to QNX and am looking for the best way to provide messaging between a number of different platforms (Windows/Linux) - just what web services are best at. I understand that these services are available with QNX6, but cannot find anything relating to QNX4.



QNX 4 is so old, that’s why you don’t find anything related :frowning:

This one might be helpful:

with some limitations we were able to use gSOAP -

How can I bring the gsoap to run on QNX4?

Up to now I’m able to compile it without errors but I cannot use the samples, e.g. calcclient.

well, i have compiled the C version of the gsoap2 2.7.0c stdsoap2.c stdsoap2.h with some minor changes using watcom 10.6 cc and wlib

create header file using the windows tool “wsdl2h.exe -c”
and C file using “soapcpp2.exe”
and then compile and link it all together with the library

the header file generated by wsdl2h sometimes contains empty structures which are not compilable by the watcom 10.6 so i just added some dummy integer in those

and so far i have only used the soap client, i have never tested creating soap server in qnx4