Notes on 3rd Party CD

Just to make this very clear. If you are going to submit a QPR to be
included that is based on source you don’t own the (c) on, you must
include a source tarball based on what you built. This includes sources
you have written that have used code from GPL/LGPL projects. If the
code is all yours (such as jlv’s KiPhoton), then including the source
will be up to you.

Also, for the QPR to be accepted it must be compiled with the prefix
of the project being /opt (not /usr/local) and the QPR must also be setup
to union the package into /usr.

We actually have a slick (and undocumented) system for building GNU
configure projects for cross-platform compiling. This would be the
best way of doing builds since we will only be giving x86 (and some
ARM) packages on the CDROM. Sometimes it won’t work (like perl) but most
of the time it does. I will put together a tutorial this weekend with a
project example from the last CDROM and post about it on this group.


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