Apache/PHP on 6.2.1

Our Apache/PHP server is failing to find core PHP functions
such as phpinfo under QNX 6.2.1. When run from the shell
using the stand-alone php, the scripts works fine. On reverting
to 6.2.0 the same script works both from the shell and from the

Can anyone suggest why this may be?

We have Apache 1.3.23 with PHP 4.1.2 built-in. An example
of a failing script is one that contains just:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Apache/PHP reports that it cannot find phpinfo.

Thanks in advance
William Morris

Can anyone suggest why this may be?

Check to see if apache on 6.2.1 is even loading the php module. On my
6.2.1 systems Apache is reporting ENOMEM when trying to find some symbols
in a core module. I have not had a chance to track this down.

That being said, you can use the external php binary as a cgi handler
instead of using it as a module until the problem is tracked down.


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