waiting ten years at least

i have to say that rtp is an incredibly slick piece of software. i've been waiting at least ten years for an intel based operating system that is designed to be fast and efficient. i'm a total rev head and this os satisfies my need for speed. i've never been able to come to grips with owning a pentium 266 with 128 meg of ram and *still* having to wait for windows to chug along loading software and doing its thing. seriously, a pentium 266 is practically a supercomputer in many ways - why should i have to wait? BeOS inspired me, but failed to attract the applications. qnx blew me away with its elegant architecture that seemed to encompass all that is good in os design and architecture, and made beos look like a "nice try, but step aside for the big boys". JLG and Be proved, through BeOS, that standards matter more than speed. linux is nice, but not inspiring in any way - it has just evolved into a very competent competitor to windows.

i am now in os heaven. i have a free, elegant, reliable, fast os that
conforms to standards, uses standard API’s and is source level compatible
with many really useful Linux/Unix apps. QNX has also shown that many
common hardware configs can be supported out of the box with a first release
of an OS - something that IBM couldn;t do with all the resources behind

to dan dodge and all at qssl i say thankyou for this superb operating system
(which i would have been happy to pay cash for). the nerdy part of me
thanks the lord for what you have given me. you’ve done an incredibly great
job - in fact, insanely great. i wish you incredible financial success so
that the good work can go on.

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